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Poverty in Armenia and What to Do About It.

“…half of the population lives below the national poverty line, set at 12,600 dram (21 United States dollars) per month—the cost of the minimum average ‘consumer basket’; approximately seventeen percent of the population is considered ‘extremely poor,’ living on less than 7,200 dram ($12) a month.”

-- V.L.

Central Yerevan looks more and more prosperous every year. Walking past the Hugo Boss boutique near the opera, a diasporan visitor might be forgiven for skipping the anemic offerings of the Yum-Yum coffee-and-doughnut shop and taking instead a sidewalk seat at the nice restaurant around the corner.

While a handsome waiter or waitress fetches surj, the English-speaking visitor might open the latest issue of Armenian Forum, picked up earlier in the day from the lovely Artbridge bookstore café established by a Persian-Armenian woman from Los Angeles.


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