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Providing Educational Opportunities

As a result of FAR’s “Mathevosian”, “Gulamerian”, “Ounjian”, and “Sayan” scholarships, as well as other FAR education programs, nearly 400 young girls and boys have an opportunity they would not otherwise have: the chance to study at state universities and colleges. “This is FAR’s contribution into the future of our youth” says Levon Lachikyan, FAR’s Press Secretary in Yerevan.

On October 23, 2009, a Press Conference dedicated to FAR’s Educational Programs was held at the FAR Yerevan Office. Mr. Lachikyan discussed FAR’s evolution with respect to the types of assistance it offers Armenian citizens. Years ago, FAR was known primarily as an organization investing in humanitarian aid to Armenia. However now FAR holds a leading position in the spheres of education and science.

FAR’s educational and scientific programs coordinator Eduard Karapetyan presented the educational programs, and discussed the student selection procedure and requirements. He mentioned that students are not selected merely as a result of their socioeconomic status, but also as a result of excellent academic progress and a strong desire to study. Thanks to this consistent approach, the academic progress of the students improves year by year. This year, 24 excellent students (20 undergraduate, 4 graduate-master degree students) received full scholarships.


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