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Randy Sapah-Gulian Delivered Keynote at the ACYOA General Assembly.

By Karine Abalyan & Artur Petrosyan

Randy Sapah-Gulian, chair of the board of directors of the Fund for Armenian Relief, delivered the keynote address at the ACYOA General Assembly on Friday, May 28. Mr. Sapah-Gulian gave participants an overview of the organization’s programs and shared stories of individual beneficiaries who have received opportunities through FAR, ranging from scholarships and job placement to medical assistance and programs for the elderly.

He also stressed that in the 20 years since its establishment following the 1988 earthquake in Armenia, FAR has transitioned from serving the immediate needs of the Armenian people to creating long-term development programs. In the past two decades, FAR has allocated $280 million in humanitarian assistance and developed more than 220 programs in Armenia, including initiatives to bolster education, infrastructure, and medicine.

Also representing FAR at the General Assembly was Garnik Nanagoulian, the organization’s executive director, inviting young people to consider how they might play a role in Armenia’s growth.


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