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Restoring access to clean water in borderline community

"It's truly an exciting moment to witness the resurgence of water supply. For borderline communities like Varagavan in the Tavush province, this marks a significant step towards normalcy and the revival of life," proudly declares Armen Abrahamyan, the village head of Varagavan.

The Varagavan reservoir was repaired in 2022 within the scope of the FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) sponsored by Edward and Helen Mardigian Family Foundation. It now offers approximately 200 locals access to clean drinking water.

Previously, the local reservoir, which relied on a Soviet-built pipeline for drinking and irrigation water, was outdated and suffered from substantial leaks, leading to a scarcity of water to meet the community's needs. However, this pivotal achievement has brought a transformative change, as the residents can now enjoy clean water in their homes, while the leakage in the reservoir has been reduced to a minimum of zero.

“Throughout the years, our commitment to sustainable improvements has remained unwavering. Previously, FAR made significant investments in repairing the village's drinking water internal network, greatly enhancing access to drinking water for the community,” says Erik Baghdasaryan, FAR Economic Development Programs Manager.

"It has been a year, and we now have access to clean water every day. Previously, we would only get water for one or two days per week and had to transport water in large containers from Berd,” reflecting on the positive impact, Marieta Poghosyan, 66, shares and goes on: “Living in a village, access to a stable water supply is of utmost importance because we rely on it for our daily activities."

Since 2013, FAR has been steadfast in supporting 17 border communities in the Berd region through the BCPP. To contribute towards empowering Armenia's border communities, please donate to FAR today!


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