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Short-term Sanctuary and Assistance Program

This week, children benefiting from FAR’s Short-term Sanctuary and Assistance Program at the Children’s Support Center visited Haghtanak Park and Zeytun Park, as well as attending a theatrical performance. Regular programs like this are a well deserved change from the hard reality that many of the children, now in the care the FAR Children Center, faced in their past.

FAR’s Children’s Support Center hotline continues to receive calls from Armenian families in search of assistance with everything from basic needs such as a shelter, to more specific needs such as caring for children with special issues. The Center’s staff continues to take measures in response to these calls: a specialist is assigned to each case, and meetings with each child’s guardian are scheduled on a weekly basis with the hopes of improving family circumstances. Beyond contending with more serious family issues, the center provides an opportunity for underprivileged Armenian children to leave their stresses behind and enjoy childhood as children in the developed world do.

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