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Strengthening health services to reach remote communities

Once a dilapidated medical and midwifery center located in Lusadzor village of Ijevan region, this medical center has undergone a remarkable transformation. Recently renovated and refurbished, it now welcomes locals with open arms – around 700 residents who previously lacked access to separate, inviting, and hygienic medical rooms.

"When FAR officially opened the medical center, villagers flocked in ceaselessly to greet and utilize the facilities. For these locals, long deprived of proper healthcare services, it was a sign of hope after years of neglect," notes nurse Anna Arzumanyan, 48, reflecting on the profound impact of the renewal.

The renovation was made possible through the generous donation of the Mardigian Family Foundation within FAR’s comprehensive program of Breaking the Cycle of Poverty (BCPP) in Tavush province. This initiative, launched in 2013 in Berd and later expanded to Ijevan and Noyemberyan regions since mid-2023, has been instrumental in uplifting communities and restoring dignity to underserved areas.

Before the renovation, Anna juggled all medical procedures in a single cramped room, doubling as an examination and treatment space. "I used to improvise, attaching a nail to the wall for intravenous therapy. Patients endured discomfort, sometimes standing for their treatment. Now, with two separate areas – one for examinations and the other for procedures – we've elevated the standard of care."

In addition to physical upgrades, FAR has supplied the center with vital equipment, ensuring prompt and accurate diagnoses without the need for arduous journeys to distant facilities. "As the sole healthcare provider, I'm always on call. Nights, weekends – it doesn't matter. I'm there for my villagers in their time of need. It's challenging, but my love for this work and my community drives me forward."

“Given the contemporary health challenges and the constraints on our country's communication, human, and financial resources, rural health centers assume heightened significance in the realm of community healthcare provision,” states FAR’s own Hambardzum Simonyan adding that many rural and underserved communities still grapple with similar healthcare disparities, while dedicated healthcare workers like Anna often work single-handedly to bridge the gap and offer solace to those in need. 

FAR has always supported these communities and healthcare providers, but we need your backing and generous contributions to enhance the quality of healthcare services. Join us in supporting FAR today, and together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.


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