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Successful Distribution of 2009 Scholarships

FAR’s Shirak department recently conducted the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP) and Khandjian Program fall distribution for 60 beneficiary children. CASP has been providing financial support to children of the Shirak province since 1993, and the Khandjian family assumed a portion of the sponsorship this year.

In 2003 two young men, Sebastien Khandjian and Patrick Sarkissian, traveled to Gyumri together and have supported the city’s people ever since. Patrick is one of the founders of the Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech). When Patrick and Sebastien arrived in Gyumri, the energetic and future-oriented young men broke the routine of Gyumri, infusing its atmosphere with contemporary ideas and technologies.

Sebastien Khandjian initiated a new program similar to CASP. Sebastien sponsored three orphans as well as provided money for an orphanage summer camp in 2008. The Khandjian family’s generosity continued when Sebastien’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Berge Khandjian, decided to sponsor four additional orphans. Currently, seven children receive a Khandjian Program stipend.

FAR is elated and thankful to have the support of such bright young people. It is through donors like Sebastien and Patrick that FARs programs will grow, and the children of Armenia will face a brighter future, therefore strengthening the nation.


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