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Summer Camp Helps Artsakh Children to Cope

At FAR we keep our commitment to focus on the lingering needs of those displaced from Artsakh’s war. This includes many initiatives aimed toimprove the ability of displaced children to better cope and adapt to their new environments. With so many having been uprooted from their homes due to war, the need for greater support for children resettled in Armenia remains a critical issue, for which we still need your support.

This past summer, 13 IDPs (ages 9-17) were given the opportunity to join 27 local children to take part in a summer camp in Armenia’s Sisian Region.For 20 days, the children camped out on the grounds of the local school andparticipated in interesting outdoor and indoor activities, including sports andintellectual games.

One of the main objectives of the camp was to help foster continued social integration of Artsakh’s children who have been experiencing postwar trauma. The program helped them develop social skills, integrate into a new community, and understand local cultural practices, including language dialect, food, and activities.

"I think the camp was a success. The local and Artsakh children were able to communicate freely, whereas previously many had had difficulties. The camp gave them an opportunity to develop their communication skills and make friends," said Camp Director Lida Adamyan.


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