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Tech Development Project Positively Impacts Development and Innovation in IT

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

GTech’s project “Boosting Technological Developments in Shirak Province,” which launched two years ago,  can already boast some success stories as several of its graduate students have secured jobs at some of  Armenia’s leading IT companies. In just a short time, this project has made progress, moving toward its  goal of boosting business development in Armenia’s IT sector.

Nvard Martirosyan, 23, is one of its graduates. She was studying finance at the Gyumri Branch of Armenian  National Polytechnic University when she developed an interest in programming. “I heard about this GTech  course from friends and passed the entrance exams.”

During her corresponding internship with a tech start-up, her mentor advised her to apply for a job at Chessify,  a successful programming company.

“Luckily I followed the advice. I now work as an IOS programmer,” she said with pride.

Funded by the European Union and Armenia’s Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development,  Boosting Technological Developments is implemented by GTech in cooperation with Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia.  It aims to support the economic development of Shirak through skills enrichment for young and vulnerable populations.  Kicked off in 2017, the course just finished its third round. Each round accepts about 80 students who go through six months of study and a five-month internship. Many of the 80 who have already fully completed the course and graduated  have found employment.

Twenty-one-year old Vardan Martirosyan learned about the project when he was researching programming courses.  “The studies gave me enough knowledge and the internship that followed allowed me to deepen and strengthen what  I learned,” Vardan said.

After graduation he applied to Synopsys Armenia and works as a junior programmer there. “The competition for jobs at Synosys is really high but I managed to get one and I moved to Yerevan for it.”

Gyumri IT is also sponsored by Gulamerian Foundation.


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