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“The Best For Our Children.

June 2 was a day of celebration at Haghtanak (Victory) Park in Yerevan. “The Best for Our Children” event, sponsored by FAR’s Children’s Support Center “Friends Council,” was held in commemoration of Children’s Rights Protection International Day, celebrated all over the world.

For the event, FAR attracted support from public celebrities, businessmen, artists and specialists who work with at-risk children. One of the highlights of the event was the presence of Armenian First Lady Mrs. Rita Sargsyan.

This was the second annual “The Best for Our Children” event, and FAR was happy to see the number of participants and vendors increasing. More than 15.000 children participated in the event, hailing from Yerevan as well as other regions of Armenia. Vendors on hand for the event represented leading Armenian companies such as Grand Candy JV LLC, Coca Cola Armenia, Noyan Juice, and many others.

Two beneficiaries from the Homeless Children Center

with Mr. Araz Dare, Ms. Margarita Barkhoyan and Mr. Vladimir Barkhoyan


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