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The only doctor in Darbas provides a lifeline for six villages

Since 1991, Anush Nersisyan, 60, has dedicated herself to serving the residents of Darbas and six neighboring villages in the Sisian region of Syunik province. As the only doctor in this border area for over three decades, she has become a trusted and reliable source of support for the 1,700 locals.

Anush, a graduate of the Yerevan State Medical University in the early 1990s, made the selfless decision, along with her husband, Tigran Santryan, 60, to leave her hometown and family in Yerevan to serve the people of the Darbas community. Her husband, who had graduated from the IT faculty at YSU and received a prospective job offer in the capital, left everything behind and followed her path. Since then, he has been the sole math teacher at Darbas village.

To enhance her skills in managing non-communicable diseases (NCD), Anush recently traveled to Yerevan to participate in the NCD training supported by FAR. "In 2022, I took part in FAR's CME program, focusing on general therapy. It was a transformative experience for me. The program equipped me with updated knowledge and introduced me to emerging treatment methods. I knew that participating in the NCD program would again allow me to gain invaluable insights into new drug groups and learn about the importance of nutrition and therapeutic physical activities in managing chronic conditions. These holistic approaches are essential for promoting better health outcomes in rural communities," she candidly noted.

To help Armenia's rural doctors hone their professional skills and provide high quality service to our people, please consider donating to FAR today.


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