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The power of your support

"Peekaboo" is the brainchild of the talented Katya Babayan, 38, a passionate doll maker from Sisian, Syunik Province, who pours her heart into every creation. From the moment she sewed her first doll for her brother's children, Katya knew she had stumbled upon something extraordinary. The dolls' whimsical charm and gentle presence captivated young hearts, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response of her first customers, Katya transformed her passion into a thriving business with the help of the FAR’s Small Business Assistance Program (SBA), which expanded during 2020 from exclusively helping Syrian Armenians to also assisting entrepreneurs in the Ijevan and Sisian Regions of Armenia. The program provides much-needed financial assistance to business owners in order for them to launch or expand their enterprises. SBA helped Katya to purchase much needed tools like a sewing machine, fabrics etc.

Since the launch of the business in January 2022, Katya has successfully sold dolls and an assortment of fabric toys, generating sales surpassing 500,000 AMD, firmly establishing ther business as the primary source of her income.

Beyond the realm of her thriving business, Katya has also initiated a captivating doll-making hobby group, engaging the creative spirits of young people from Sisian. “Currently, I lead a dedicated team of passionate volunteers from Sisian, young and talented women, who help especially during peak seasons like Christmas and Easter. The income earned through our collaborative efforts is thoughtfully shared between us. Together, we create not only exquisite dolls but also a vibrant community that enjoys collective success,” frankly said Katya adding that each creation is meticulously handmade, as they use the finest materials and attention to detail.

“With every doll and toy, I create, I pour my heart and soul into bringing joy and wonder to all who embrace them.”

FAR empowers Armenians to enhance their future through greater self-sufficiency. Projects like SBA, made possible by the generous support of the Howard and Catherine Atesian Family of Michigan, make this happen.


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