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The Smiles of Vardavar.

Today was Vardavar, the pagan-turned-Christian holiday, which is celebrated by people drenching one another with buckets of water all day long. Some kids are getting creative by using high-pressure water guns that shoot streams at a considerable distance.

Naturally I observed some of the hysteria from my front and rear balconies. The street were nearly void of pedestrians all day long, reminiscent of the small town run by bandits in Akira Kurosawa's "Yojimbo." Instead, for some reason the street was filled mostly with teenage, testosterone fueled boys and the courtyard was occupied by smaller children and girls in their teens. The sexually repressed, hyperactive guys were basically throwing water on cars passing by and at each other, while they for the most part completely ignored the girls walking along the sidewalk, their own buckets in hand. Everyone was getting their water from the same source--the fountain located on the street corner just under my balcony.


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