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This doesn't exist in any other village

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Navur Village in Armenia’s Berd Region is Grigor Dallakyan’s sprawling farm, home to 100 cows.

“This place is heaven for cows,” said Grigor, 28. “Here, you either farm or you breed cattle.”

Grigor knows no other way. Dairy farming and cattle breeding have always been his family’s income sources, but it was only recently that they've had such ideal conditions to make a living.

The Dallakyans received financial assistance from us in 2021 as part of a new project aimed to help Armenian farmers technologically advance their practices in animal husbandry. They have since enlarged and improved their barn to 450-square meters, which corresponds to the standards of effective hill cattle breeding, meaning it has sufficient space. Such conditions can help cows to increase milk production by up to 30 percent.

“This does not exist in any other village in this region,” Grigor said.

His family is one of four who were given the funding to install proper barn ventilation to protect the cows from temperature fluctuations, electronic shepherding systems, an automatic milking unit, and an animal feed machine, among other things.

By building the capacity of farmers like Grigor and his family, FAR aims to support the innovative approaches of local farming systems, elevate the role of farmers within their communities, and ultimately drive sustainable change in the border communities of Tavush Province.

Such a valuable project is made possible by the Semonian Family from MA and the Atesian Family from MI.

To support such change in Armenia, go to our website today and donate.


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