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Through the Eyes of Music – An Interview with Serj Tankian.

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Serj Tankian talks with The Armenian Weekly about the opening of his new Boston-based musical “Prometheus Bound.”

On Feb. 22, the Armenian Weekly conducted an interview with Serj Tankian, singer and songwriter of the Grammy Award-winning rock band System of a Down, who’s in the Boston area for the opening of “Prometheus Bound,” a musical.

The American Repertory Theater’s Diane Paulus directs Prometheus Bound. Tony and Grammy Award-winning writer Steven Sater wrote the script and lyrics (original by Aeschylus), while Tankian composed the music. The play tells the myth of Prometheus, a Titan who gave fire to mankind, and was punished for it by Zeus. He was chained to a rock, where day after day an eagle feasted on his ever-regenerating liver.

The Weekly’s interview with Tankian took place in one of OBERON’s empty halls (2 Arrow St., Cambridge, Mass.), adjacent to the theater hall where the play’s premiere was held on Feb. 25. (Click here for more info on show dates and times)


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