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Together. With Books.

Since 1988, Anahit Kocharyan, director of Lori’s regional library, has helped to supply endless reading material to the residents of FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home. Books, newspapers and magazines all help fill the residents’ hours. And they love it.

One resident, Seda, a former teacher, is now bedridden but lives through her books. She may have been the first to read the newly issued “Vanadzor Mosaic” weekly. Other VOAH residents like Kolya, Raffi, Ashot and Rafik while away the hours with fiction. And of course Nina continues reading her beloved romance novels.

The project is implemented by the library’s social work department, which is headed by Anitsa Genjyan. VOAH Social worker Tatevik Grigoryan is responsible for organizing the service works. He also organizes readings for residents with sight deficiency.


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