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Turning Passion into Profit

Roland Yesayan, 41, knows everything about wheel balancing, leak fixing, repairing brake systems etc. He works both as a car mechanic and a painter/polisher in a small auto repair shop in his native Norashen village of Berd region, where he currently lives.

The repair shop is well-known in and around the village for its uniqueness—it's the only one in the district. The young mechanic designed and built it with his own hands. He started working at a young age to support his family. In 2002, he set up a car service shop in his own yard, initially offering services like car painting and chassis work to relatives, villagers, and anyone who needed help.

However, he has always had a big dream of one day expanding his backyard auto repair shop to a full-fledged business. His opportunity came in 2019 when he discovered Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Tavush Province program (BCPP) and decided to apply. Through the program, Roland not only gained valuable insights into business know-how but also received a financial boost. With the support, he was able to purchase a modern car lifter - a game-changer for his business, that transformed its efficiency overnight.

"Before that, I was working from home. I had a pit where I could access the cars for repairs, but thanks to FAR, I now have a car lifter. This upgrade has been a game-changer for me. No longer do I have to constantly climb in and out of the pit to assess the cars. Working from the pit was challenging—dealing with humidity, constant movement, and it was very time-consuming. With the car lifter, I can now work more efficiently and comfortably," Roland explains.

Since then, Roland's business has thrived, offering convenience to villagers who no longer need to travel to Berd for automotive services but can turn to him instead. "My income has doubled," he proudly shares. "If back then I was earning around 100,000 drams monthly, now it's about 200,000 AMD." The addition of the advanced car lifter, capable of handling up to 4 tons, has expanded his service capabilities to include both passenger cars and trucks.

Many people in remote areas of Armenia want to become thriving entrepreneurs with our support. Your contributions to FAR today will empower them on their journey towards economic prosperity and self-reliance.

Since 2013, the multi-faceted and comprehensive Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Tavush province program (BCPP) has been promoting activities that generate positive and sustainable impact for families in the Berd, Ijevan, and Noyemberyan regions of Tavush Province. BCPP is generously funded by the Mardigian Family Foundation.


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