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Veronika Mkrtchyan, the Newest Member of FAR’s Educational Programs Team.

We at FAR introduced our readers to Veronika Mkrtchyan a few months ago. At the time she was studying for a master’s degree in international relations at Yerevan State University. After graduating in June, she spent months trying to find a job in diplomacy while also volunteering to help implement FAR’s education programs. Proving herself as competent and dedicated, she accepted the offer to join FAR’s Yerevan staff full-time as the assistant to the educational programs coordinator in the beginning of November.

“FAR helped me at two very crucial and important moments of my life, first by supporting me so I could receive an education and second, by giving me an opportunity to implement my knowledge and skills. In fact, this organization is like a guardian to me,” Veronika said.

Read more about Veronika here.


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