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We don't sell, we make people want to buy: Insights from a young SMM graduate

When Lusine received a "No" in response to her social media asset back in May of 2023, her immediate response of "Why not if it could be YES" was quick to follow. Fresh from completing a social media marketing course through the Armenia Workforce Development Activity, she swiftly joined the largest food court in Armavir as a Social Media Manager, forming a dynamic trio with two other SMM enthusiasts, thus igniting a "Revolutionary trio" within their community.

With a background in linguistics, Lusine initially had some reluctance about starting anew, until she stumbled upon the SMM training opportunity. "Luckily, I fit the age restrictions," Lusine, now 28, candidly says with a smile. Over the course of the three-month training, Lusine delved deep into the sphere of SMM and found herself enamored with the new skills that she envisioned as a lifelong profession. "Initially, I pursued this for my personal page, but as classes progressed, I found myself assisting a friend who struggled with managing her page. It was a happy coincidence—I conducted practical experiments on her page, which the trainer commended as well done," she recalls, highlighting their comprehensive learning journey covering content creation and marketing, copywriting, visual design, target audience analysis, business page management, and advertising strategies.

Empowered by her inspiring team of like-minded women, collectively known as Content Reflection, Lusine endeavors to merge modern marketing's social media focus with her employer's objectives to expand their audience and enhance business outcomes. Undoubtedly, she has tripled the page's followership in less than eight months. "On June 1st, when our competitor organized an event for International Children’s Day, our food court still buzzed with activity. There was barely enough space to move around," she notes proudly, ignoring the naysayers.

"We don't sell, we make people want to buy. In Armavir, people often misunderstand these concepts. The important thing is to accurately present the product, whether it's a service or any other offering. Today's social media landscape demands engaging, visually captivating content to attract attract new people and warm up existing connections," she explains, highlighting the invaluable insights acquired from the training.

As an advocate for continuous learning, Lusine has a lifelong aspiration—to extend Content Reflection's reach beyond Armavir, fostering a professional SMM environment in the province. "It's funny to note that my elder sister, now 30, and I used to join online classes together. Within a few months, she also found a job as a social media manager at a Medical Center in Armavir." 


Launched in October 2021, Armenia Workforce Development Activity is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) and consortium partners, including the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) Foundation, Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) and Civitta Armenia. The Activity aims to equip 10,000 young people at the age of 15-29 in all provinces of Armenia with working skills, highly demanded in the labor market and ensure 7,000 have better employment opportunities in the fields of ICT/high-tech, agriculture and hospitality.


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