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We Lived in Peace

Before the war in Artsakh, 48-year-old Silva Ghazaryan worked as a cook in Jabrail in Artsakh. The mother of five lived in a spacious apartment.

“I had everything there—a TV, refrigerator, new furniture,” she said. “We lived in peace there and we left everything there.”

For the past two months, Silva has grown accustomed to living in a small dorm room in Yerevan. Due to the small living quarters she had to send three of her five children to stay with friends and relatives. She now shares the dorm room with her husband, Marat, 50, and their two youngest children, Sussanna, 11, and Suren, 16.“

I was 16 when my parents left Baku, before the pogroms. Then we heard about the massacres of Sumgayit. My dad couldn’t get get through it and he passed away shortly after we moved to Armenia. Then I lost my mom.And now this tragedy,” said Silva.

The family was forced to flee Jabrail after war broke out on September 27th. Since their arrival in Armenia, the family has received humanitarian support from FAR, including food packages, hygiene supplies, and psychological support from the FAR Children's Center. Center staff have also helped Sussanna to enroll and start school in Yerevan.


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