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ACYOA “Family” Sends Gifts to Gyumri Atinizian Senior Center Residents.

On a snowy February day in Yerevan, FAR staff traveled along icy roads to Gyumri, eager to deliver the gifts to the residents of Gyumri Atinizian Senior Center that were recently sent from young Armenian-Americans who participated in last summer’s ACYOA trip.

The group, which was led by Father Tateos Abdalian, consisted of nearly 20 men and women currently studying at various U.S. universities. During a visit to Gyumri, they helped with the renovation of the Ounjian school’s new building. They also helped Gyumri soup kitchen employees prepare tasty Armenian meals for visitors. Members of this ACYOA “family” were so pleased by the warm hospitality they received that they continue to keep in touch to this day. This time, they decided to surprise the senior center residents with gift bags. Atinizian Senior Center Director Gor Amiryan and chief cook Armen Arakelyan delivered the bags to all 200 beneficiaries of the senior center and also to the staff. Residents opened the gifts with childlike delight.

In addition, towels sent by ACYOA members were delivered to residents at the Vanadzor Old Age Home and pencils were distributed to the kids at FAR’s Children Support Foundation Center.


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