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Agritourism in Armenia – Monetizing a Culture of Hospitality.

With some time, investment and ownership, agritourism could be a great resource for Armenia. This thorough report explains more. …

(A.W)—Armenia gained its independence from the Soviet Union 19 years ago this year. Since then, the country has made great strides in attracting tourists to the country, but the tourism industry still has room for growth. The World Travel and Tourism Council reports that the tourism industry represents 9.2 percent of the world’s gross domestic product and employs 235 million people. Given more investment and entrepreneurial insight, agritourism is one untapped opportunity within the industry in Armenia.

About half a million Diasporan Armenians visit Armenia each year, but the tourism products and services offered are largely limited to religious sites and destinations like Lake Sevan. Even native Armenians are leaving the country for their holidays. Armenia’s Ministry of Economy 2009 Report stated that 516,000 people traveled to other countries in 2008 for tourism, which is more than a 10 percent increase from a year earlier.


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