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Ambassador Yovanovitch Discusses US Policy in Armenia in Exclusive Asbarez Interview.

Yovanovitch’s Q&A with Asbaraez.

During her recent visit to Los Angeles, the US Ambassador to Armenia, Marie Yovanovitch, expressed interest in discussing US policy in Armenia with Asbarez. Overall, her visit to the Western Region communities were met with skepticism, given that she generally reiterated previous positions articulated by the State Department. Asbarez’s Allen Yekikian sat down with Yovanovitch at the Glendale Public Library on October 14 to discuss Washington’s position on Armenian-American issues and the State Department’s approach to Armenia and surrounding neighbors. Below is the interview in its entirety.

Allen Yekikian: Is mentioning the Armenian Genocide still a firing offense for U.S. diplomats? Do you fear retaliation by the State Department and a fate similar to your predecessor Ambassador Evans, if you were to speak honestly about the Armenian Genocide? What actions would you take against any of the employees at the U.S. embassy in Yerevan if they spoke honestly about the Armenian Genocide?


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