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Ambassador Yovanovitch Holds Private Meeting With AYF.

US Ambassador to Armenia Marie Yovanovitch meets with Armenian Youth Federation activists.

GLENDALE, Calif.–As part of her recent visit to Southern California, US Ambassador to Armenia Marie Yovanovitch held a two-hour, closed-session discussion with Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) activists this past Monday at the Glendale Public Library.

The meeting was organized by Ambassador Yovanovitch for the purpose of creating a closer dialogue between the AYF and the US Embassy in Armenia. It is one of many gatherings she has called with Armenian-American organizations on her visit.

“We appreciated the invitation to sit down with the Ambassador and have an intimate conversation,” said Caspar Jivalegian, a member of the AYF Central Executive. “The AYF-Western Region is active both here and in Armenia so we welcome any opportunity to engage on matters of US policy as it relates to our homeland.”


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