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Armenia Might Join Queue for Facebook-Powered Revolution.

The entire world was transfixed on the amazing peaceful demonstrations in Egypt and the impact they’ve had across the Middle East. Our audience might also be interested to learn how these events resonate in other parts of the world, including Armenia.

This week, politicians in Armenia continue to watch for status updates containing words like "revolution" among the 123,000 Facebook users in that country. This Thursday marks the two year anniversary of a historical political standoff that followed rigged presidential elections.

Facebook users in the nation all support the Armenian National Congress, which will hold a rally February 18 to commemorate the two-year anniversary of a political standoff that ensued from rigged presidential elections. This Thursday's event has gained significance from the recent uprising in Egypt and Tunisia.

The Armenian Observer Blog pointed out that Facebook status updates containing words like "rally" increased the a day after a local newspaper ran a story saying that government officials were watching for references to revolution posted by people in Armenia.

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