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Artsakh Crisis: Join our efforts to support forcibly displaced Artsakh families

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

In moments of crisis, true heroes rise to the occasion, and among them stands Mira Antonyan, leading a dedicated team of FAR Child Support Center's social workers who wasted no time in rushing to the humanitarian centers of Kornidzor and Goris. From day one, they have been offering a ray of hope to our compatriots who tragically found themselves uprooted from their ancestral homes, enduring unimaginable physical and psychological trauma.

Mira reminds us that this is the time when we must unite as one and extend our hands and hearts to support our fellow Artsakhi brothers and sisters. FAR has swiftly taken action, mobilizing its resources to provide immediate emergency relief for those forcibly displaced from Artsakh, and found them shelters in the Syunik, Vayots Dzor, and Tavush provinces of Armenia, just as we've done in the part.

While our emergency response continues, the moment has come for you to be an integral part of this collective effort. Your contribution is not just important, it is vital to provide the comprehensive mid-term and long-term support necessary for the people of Artsakh to rebuild their dignity.

You can make a truly impactful difference today by donating to FAR. Your support will serve as a beacon of hope for our brothers and sisters on the path to rebuilding their shattered lives.


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