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Christmas pottery dreams for special kids are underway

Amidst the magical atmosphere of Christmas stars and jingle bells, the National Center for Inclusive Education's pottery therapy kids are crafting a winter wonderland! The snowy houses and vibrant poinsettias, lovingly shaped by little hands, are spreading festive cheer throughout the center.

In the heart of this creative flurry, Yana is busy molding another clay star with the guidance of therapy teacher Taguhi Stepanyan. Meanwhile, 5-year-old Samvel, eyes sparkling with anticipation, is diligently fashioning a tiny sandy house. He glances out the window, perhaps hoping for a glimpse of his own Santa.

Samvel's father, Alexander Duryan, shares a poignant Christmas wish — a world with fewer kids facing challenges like Samvel's, and more dedicated supporters like FAR, extending a compassionate hand. Samvel, with speech challenges, has found solace and progress in the Center's ceramic lab and pottery therapy, made possible by the Mirak Weissbach Foundation's generous support over the past two years.

“Samvel has made a 360-degree turn. Pottery therapy has been his beacon through speech challenges, helping him blossom into a more social and serene version of himself," says Alexander reflecting on his son’s transformation thus adding with heartfelt pride, "Samvel isn't just my firstborn; he's a rare and unique bloom among flowers, and every moment with him is an unpredictable melody." 

As these Christmas toys dry, they'll soon adorn the tree, each piece a reflection of the dreams and resilience of the pottery class children. 

In this season of giving, let's join hands and donate to FAR today by supporting more children like Samvel, where compassion and creativity intertwine to create a symphony of hope. 

The National Center Supporting Inclusive Education for CWDs is sponsored by the Fund for Armenian Relief through generosity of our Friends "Hovsep Foundation," "The John Mirak Foundation" and "Myron and Mary Shahinian Stapanian Fund.”


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