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Clean Water is Now a Reality for People from Border Villages

Updated: Feb 1

For years, the residents of Aygepar, a cross-border village in Tavush province, yearned for a basic necessity often taken for granted - clean water. Last year, through the FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty (BCPP) program, the arduous wait finally came to an end, and a newfound hope washed over the village as regulated, upgraded water access became a reality.

Ani Arakelyan, a long-time resident of Aygepar, couldn't contain her joy. "We've waited so long for this day. Thanks to the renovation, we now have water suitable for drinking, and finally, there is no need to collect it in bowls from the source," she shared with a gleam in her eyes, adding that the burden of fetching water, a daily struggle, had been lifted from their shoulders.

Within the scope of the program, the positive change extended beyond water quality; the village reservoir underwent significant fortifications to minimize future risks. Meaning that the community will not only receive an immediate solution but also a safeguard for the years to come.

"This is a big change for the entire community, and the positive impact on our border guard village is truly invaluable," said the village head, Arkadi Yamukyan.

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