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CME Supports Gavar Special School.

Two members of the Gavar Special School’s staff completed FAR’s Continuing Medical Education program in October. Doctor Susanna Zalibekyan, a general practitioner, and nurse Armine Sirunyan both participated in four weeks of training on rehabilitation and physical therapy at the Republican Center of Pediatric Rehabilitation in Yerevan. The two are essential members of Gavar’s staff, a school that specifically caters to handicapped children.

Gavar is currently under renovation and will be opening a special physical therapy wing in the coming months, thanks to generous support from the Estate of Akabe Gulbankian and the Open Society Foundation Armenia. Their month-long training enables both Dr. Zalibekyan and Ms. Sirunyan to specifically serve the students who will utilize the new center.

CME gives doctors from Armenia’s rural areas the opportunity to enhance their modern medical knowledge and practice. These doctors have the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches and methodologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan free of cost. CME also holds symposiums throughout the year.


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