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Dispatches from Armenia - Searching in Vain for Ararat.

For a long time, I had no idea that the parking lot of my apartment building overlooks one of Yerevan’s most beautiful views of Mt. Ararat. Unfortunately, this view is rare depending on the day’s level of pollution and the cloud coverage, which is probably why I almost tripped over myself the time I was walking home on a clear day and saw that beautiful mountain right there in front of me, magnificent and pristine. I wished more than anything that I had my camera to capture that moment.

Since then, the first thing I do when I step out of my door every morning is turn around to see if the sky is clear. It never is. Not that clear. Not once. Usually, all I can catch is a glimpse of Ararat’s outline or its distinguished snow-capped peak if I focus my gaze.

The other night while returning home at dusk, Ararat was more visible than usual. I had my camera with me but as I rushed to try and take the picture, a sudden gust of wind swept my hair into my eyes and a bee stung me right on my face. Needless to say, the moment was ruined. My time in Armenia is nearly over now and I have little hope that I’ll ever see Ararat as I did that day. There are some things that shouldn’t be forced or contrived, I suppose. At least that beautiful view will always remain clear in my mind.

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