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Employment Statistics of GTech Graduates.

In a community like Gyumri, where unemployment is rampant, higher education institutions should focus on how to help their graduates procure employment opportunities. The majority of graduates from Gyumri's colleges and universities encounter employment problems because there is a lack of companies and jobs in the area. Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech)  is unique as it actively helps its graduates to find rewarding jobs and careers throughout Armenia.

GTech has produced 82 graduates during its six years of operation, of which 55 are currently employed. A recent employment research survey showed that graduates are currently working at a number of different IT organizations in Armenia, including Instigate CJSC, Vivacell-MTS, Boomerang and Synergy International Systems. GTech graduates have also found employment opportunities within GTech. The survey specifically found that 67 percent of those employed are working in Gyumri, 31 percent are working in Yerevan, and two percent found jobs abroad.

Beyond focusing on its graduates, GTech also helps IT companies open branches in Gyumri. GTech provides resources such as computer labs and Internet access to companies to help them further their business plans. Just six years ago these opportunities didn’t exist. With the support of its donors, GTech will continue to achieve its goal of bringing IT competency to the people of Gyumri.


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