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If I Ever Get Out of Here I Will Do My Best for My Community

If I ever get out of here I will do my best to invest in my family and my community. I will become a good professional for my country and I will raise children who will differentiate pathos from patriotism.

These were the thoughts that ran through 22-year-old Sargis Khalatyan’s mind while he and 40 other soldiers were held during a three-day blockade by the Azeris during the war of 2020.

Now back at home safe and sound, he is relentlessly working to keep his promise to himself.

In December, Sargis completed an eight-month GTech course designed specifically for Artsakh war veterans. The training encouraged him to delve into IT and, more specifically, web development.

The certification program is tuition-free for veterans and aims to give former service members the opportunity to gain professional development through IT skills. The program's major sponsors include Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America and Garik Rostomyan of California.

Sargis was born and raised in the Berd Region of Armenia’s Tavush Province and has had an interest in programming since he was a child. His family has received FAR's support over the years and his brother was a Mardigian Scholarship recipient. Sargis plans to earn his bachelor’s degree at Yerevan State University.


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