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GTech Helped Me Choose the Right Direction

Having fought in the Artsakh War, 21-year-old Nver Avagyan is now able to refocus on his career. One of the first things he did after completing his service was to sign up for a brand-new GTech program.

Launched last May as part of a capacity-building project for Artsakh War veterans, GTech’s certification program is tuition-free and aims to give former service members the opportunity to gain professional development through IT skills. The program's major sponsors include the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America and Garik Rostomyan of California.

While Nver has resumed his studies at Yerevan State University’sDepartment of Informatics and Applied Mathematics (which he previously put on hold during his service), he said that GTech’s program was essential and his courses there even more relevant than many of those offered at his university. Things like Javascript, which are only offered at GTech, are essential to know for the positions he’s looking for, he said.

Nver completed the eight-month program in December, receiving a KUU laptop along with his certificate of completion.

“From a young age, I knew that my career would deal with computers. GTech’s program certainly helped me to choose the right direction, which is web programming,” he said.


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