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Empowering women is our ongoing mission

At the age of 40, Lusine ventured on a new path to acquire grassroots education in finance and accounting at the Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) in order to pursue her lifelong dream. A single mother of two children, Lernik, 15, and Arman, 17, Lusine Hakobyan had previously explored a career as an elementary school teacher, filling in for her colleagues. However, she faced the constant uncertainty of finding permanent employment and often grappled with the looming threat of unemployment.

In 2022, Lusine took a courageous step by applying for GTech's "Economic Empowerment of Single Mothers in Shirak Region" project, which aimed to empower single mothers like Lusine from Gyumri with essential skills in SMM, accounting, and programming. Additionally, it provided invaluable support in the form of internships and employment opportunities. To facilitate remote work, laptops were distributed to participants, while those who needed to commute were offered transportation assistance.

Today, Lusine stands tall as the Chief Accountant for numerous state and community-based non-profit organizations, as well as private entrepreneurs.

"Challenges become conquerable when you possess the determination to succeed. My 'challenge' was to provide my children with a better life and to transform myself into a confident, independent, and self-sufficient individual. Now, I am a motivated and empowered employee who has realized her full potential," she passionately declares.

To support remarkable women like Lusine in their quest for empowerment and self-reliance, donate to FAR today.


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