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FAR Board Meeting Held.

Meeting at the Diocesan Center on Wednesday, July 21, the Fund for Armenian Relief Board of Directors discussed the organization’s growing presence on various social media platforms. The board agreed that those media outlets not only further FAR's commitment to transparency and accountability but help to promote FAR’s mission to new audiences and will enhance its ability to reach out to FAR supporters and friends in an interactive way. FAR welcomes and promotes open discussion through comments and communication on Facebook, Twitter, FAR’s blog, and its new website.

Progress of the organization’s flagship projects was reviewed, including its child protection services and educational programs. Thanks to support from the Mardigian Foundation, the Gulamerian Foundation, and private donors, FAR’s Children’s Center in Yerevan is expanding to offer help to more at-risk children and to improve foster care programs throughout the country.

Meanwhile, the Gyumri Information Technology Center —FAR’s training program for IT professionals- is establishing a business incubation center, which will help recent graduates transition into competitive work environments in Gyumri.

FAR launched the Ester Ajemian Scholarship Program, which will provide support to young women pursuing careers in journalism, and the Zambak Educational Foundation, which will assist a new generation of leaders with various educational opportunities.

Board members further reviewed the possibility of future micro-financing projects in Armenia, and pledged support to the development of emergency medicine and the National Medical Library in Armenia.

The board also discussed and approved the establishment of a new partnership with ACYOA. The latter initiative encourages ACYOA members across the parishes of the Eastern Diocese to participate in FAR projects in Armenia. Most recently, Armenia Service Program participants volunteered at FAR’s Ounjian School and Soup Kitchen in Gyumri.


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