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FAR Distributes Aid Packages to Displaced Artsakh Families

As many displaced families from Artsakh continue to grapple with uncertain futures, our teams in the field continue to assist them.

In late January, FAR along with Sign of Hope (or Hoffnungszeichen), a German NGO, completed a distribution of 312 food and hygiene packages, and school supplies to 84 Artsakh families who have resettled in Dilijan. Another 266 packages were distributed to 60 Artsakh families who have resettled in Ararat Province.

Sona Eganyan, the Staff Secretary of Dilijan Municipality, said that more than 400 people have been resettled in Dilijan following the war in Artsakh and many have been deprived of their most basic needs. “The majority live in a building which used to be the campus of a children’s summer camp.Some found shelter at the local boarding school, whereas the others live with host families or rent a house or apartment,” she said.

“We have lost everything,” said 41-year-old Arsen Sargsyan when he pickedup the package for his family. “We thought we would be back in Shushi in five days, so we took nothing except for our documents. We literally left our house in slippers and now I live in an old summer camp with my 13-year-old daughter, Amalya, and my parents, Slava, 70, and Amalya, 62,” he said.

Arsen’s wife died of cancer in 2019. “Thank you for being here with us, for not leaving us alone. I am very happy for this support as it will help my family get along for a while.”

FAR will continue to support families like Arsen’s who have lost their homes in Artsakh. We are also in the process of moving beyond just catering to basic, emergency needs and exploring how we are making their lives more fulfilling, for example, but providing support so their children can continue their educations and by accessing better healthcare services.


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