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Heartbreakingly Familiar

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

We find ourselves anxiously trying to comprehend the disturbing and devastating events that have taken place on Armenia’s border. We are shocked at the needless loss of life of at least 135 people and Azerbaijan’s indiscriminate attacks against our nation’s southern borders.

It’s a feeling that is heartbreakingly all too familiar. The fear that tensions can ignite anytime along this border is a constant and underlying worry for so many of us.

Our staff on the ground continue to implement our projects, even in the Sisian Region of Syunik Province where so much of our work focuses on those who fled their homes in Artsakh during the war two years ago. We’ve helped to resettle 130 families in need of housing, medical care, and educational opportunities, and we have provided economic empowerment and support to 11 businesses.

They include that of 28-year-old Gevorg Torosyan, a part-time school teacher and now entrepreneur thanks to FAR’s help. He established his small wire netting production business in March 2021 after receiving the financial support for us. Wire netting fences are typically used to keep animals from accessing orchards or to secure stone privacy walls. As the only such producer in both Syunik and Vayots Dzor provinces Gevorg’s product is in high demand.

“I have so many orders now that I can hardly meet the deadlines,” he said with a smile. “If not for the wire netting business I would have to leave for Russia for seasonal work because we can hardly make ends meet on my teacher’s salary. But now my business is thriving and I have hired my friend to help me.”

As we continue to keep a close eye on the situation, we are buoyed by Gevorg’s determination and success. Stories like his make our work worthwhile.


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