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FAR gives a lifeline for Anna and her family

The first time Anna stepped into FAR’s Byureghavan soup kitchen, she was carrying her unborn son Hrayr, now a lively 7-year-old. She even recalls the first dish she had at the soup kitchen - harisa; its taste and flavor still linger on her palate.

Despite her initial shyness, Anna had no choice but to seek assistance due to life's circumstances. Byureghavan, once an industrial hub during the Soviet Union, now grapples with the stark reality of financial strain, as the people face economic challenges left behind by its industrial past.

For Anna and her three children – Hrayr, Ruzanna, 2, and Armen, 8 months, – the soup kitchen has become more than just a place for a hearty meal. "My kids adore it here. Even my picky eater, Ruzanna, devours her favorite rice dish with delight. I don’t know what magic they sprinkle in the kitchen, but it’s irresistible," Anna says with a genuine smile.

Despite her husband Vahagn Khachatryan's tireless work in late-night taxi shifts, the family of six, including Vahag’s mother Armine Davtyan, 65,  struggles to make ends meet. "There are days when putting food on the table feels like an impossible task. Even a simple loaf of bread can seem out of reach," Anna reveals. "With my youngest, Armen, relying on my breast milk, and myself needing nourishment to feed him, these nutritious meals are a lifeline for us."

Determined to ease the burden on her husband's shoulders, Anna dreams of rekindling her passion for hairdressing. "If I could update my skills, it would be a game-changer. I graduated from the vocational school here years ago, and now, my dream is to take refresher courses and start my own business."

FAR’s Soup Kitchens are more than just places to eat; they're havens of support and hope for those in need. In Byureghavan alone, over 150 vulnerable individuals receive nutritious meals and a sense of community five days a week. Your donation to FAR can ensure that families like Anna's continue to receive the sustenance and support they desperately need. Join us in making a difference today!

Byureghavan Soup Kitchen is generously supported by the Hacet Family Foundation in loving memory of Yeghsapet Jambazian/Mangoian and Yeghsapet Ambarian/Ouzounian.


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