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For a young journalist, FAR plays a big role

Twenty-two-year-old Ani Tamrazyan believes she has found her dream profession in journalism, through which she wants to focus on human rights and law. “FAR has played a big role in this,” she stated.

As a child, Ani always wanted to become a doctor but in high school, she had a change of heart. "I liked how journalism deals with human lives and values,” said Ani who noted that one of her first journalistic projects touched upon environmental problems of her native village in Haghartsin, Armenia.

Upon completing her bachelor’s degree at Yerevan State University, Ani initially started working, putting her dream of earning a master’s degree on hold—until she learned about the FAR’s Ester Ajemian Scholarship Program. She applied immediately.

“My parents could not afford more tuition and I hadn’t earned a penny back then. I decided that I would go for a master’s degree if I got a scholarship. And I did,” she said with pride.

Now, Ani is studying again at Yerevan State and is greatly engaged in several reporting projects. She also works part-time at a local independent media station called Factor TV, where she tackles challenging subjects in her stories, such as the rights of Artsakh’s displaced.

The Esther Ajemian Scholarship is one of many scholarships within FAR’s Scholarship Program. Empowering today’s youth and enabling them to accomplish their dreams through education is part of FAR’s mission. Make a donation today and help bolster our Education Program.


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