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FAR makes a dream possible

Kristin Ashekean, 19, had always wanted to study political science but war prevented her from pursuing those studies in her home country of Syria.

A couple of years ago she decided to join her sister, Maria, who at the time was studying psychology in Yerevan with the help of FAR’s Syrian-Armenian Scholarship Program. After hearing about her sister’s experience with FAR's scholarship, Kristin, too, applied and was accepted, ultimately making it possible for her to finally study political science at Yerevan State Linguistics University.

“When I heard about FAR’s scholarship I became filled with hope. It also resonated strongly with me and my dream,” she said. “I want to invest in my professional and personal growth, and find answers,” she said. The war in Syria, she said, stole her childhood, she said. Now, she wants to claim her future. Her dream is to become a political scientist or a diplomat.

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