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Arsen Sayan Music School Celebrates a Year-End Concert

On June 13, the Argavand Music School, named after the late maestro Arsen Sayan, was alive with excitement. Children eagerly awaited their turn to shine at the year-end concert, their anticipation palpable in the air.

The event attracted many guests, including Abraham Hanesyan, a former student who now studies at the Yerevan State Musical Pedagogical College. Reflecting on his journey, Abraham shared, "It was within these walls that I made my clear decision to become a musician, and here I am today, reliving all those beautiful memories.”

The Argavand School, home to 96 students, proudly showcases its talent annually. This year's concert featured a variety of performances, from choirs of young singers to solo acts and students mastering the piano, violin, guitar, and accordion. Many of these young musicians dream of turning their passion into a career.

"There is no better feeling than playing your favorite compositions," said 13-year-old Davit Bdryan, who travels from Hovtashat village to this music school, around 9km away, twice a week for guitar classes. "Today, I’m performing Komitas' 'Al Aylughs' with an ensemble, which is both a responsibility and an honor for us.”

This year, the school celebrated the outstanding achievements of students at various festivals as well. Among them was Anush Iskandaryan, who earned recognition at the “Art Music” International Music Festival. 

In gratitude for their dedication and success, the Fund for Armenian Relief awarded the school a Certificate of Appreciation, recognizing their exceptional contributions to music education and the remarkable accomplishments of their students.


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