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Goodbye Mubarak – Egyptian-Armenians Talk.

The grievances that gave way to this revolution cannot be ignored or denied. Corruption, poverty, an economy that benefits only a handful, limited freedoms, inequality, lawlessness, and the need for basic human rights—these are problems that directly or indirectly affected the Armenian community.”

— Dr. Armen Mazloumian

Emerging from the recent revolt that ended Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year dictatorship is a jolted Egypt at a crossroads. Amid uncertain times and powerful currents, the small Armenian community of Egypt stands to weather the winds of change. Mostly willing to adapt to whatever rolls its way, a mix of cynicism, skepticism and optimism pepper its discourse. The sea of people that overtook the streets chanting “Down with Mubarak!” voiced concerns afflicting Egyptians from all walks of life, including Armenians.

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