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GTech Concludes Training Program.

After completing a specialized training program, six of Gyumri’s IT specialists are now qualified IT teachers. This program, a joint initiative between Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) and USAID-funded Competitive Armenian Private Sector (CAPS) began in March with the aim of training IT specialists from Gyumri to become instructors at GTech. This opportunity not only opens up job prospects for some of these specialists, it will also strengthen GTech’s staff.

Program graduates Narek Tadevosyan, Suren Gharagyozyan, Edgar Mughnetsyan, Vahram Muradyan, Arman Hovhannisyan and Aram Harutyunyan, attended Gyumri Engineering University and Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute before enrolling. All graduates will be involved in the teaching process at GTech beginning in 2011.

GTech also holds refresher courses in advanced network technologies for licensed instructors. Hovhannes Atoyan and Simon Eliazyan recently completed this training.

GTech’s administration thanks USAID/CAPS for financing and supporting this project and congratulates all of these new instructors.


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