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GTech Expands to Yerevan

GTech is growing! Our trailblazing IT school has expanded its function and purpose and recently opened a new branch in Yerevan. With the potential for more partnerships, GTech Yerevan hopes to be able to create tailored education programs for students which would feed into internship programs and eventual employment at certain companies.

GTech originally opened in Gyumri in 2005. It soon became a major player in the transformation of the Shirak Region into Armenia’s IT center. Now GTech Yerevan will continue that mission by bolstering human resources for companies in the capital and beyond.

“GTech is on its way toward leveling up and making international partnerships with very famous academic and tech institutions, like IBM, with whom we’ve recently partnered,” said GTech Executive Director Amalya Yeghoyan. “We have received many requests for offline classes in Yerevan.”

A recent networking event entitled HRMeetUp, which was held October 18th, brought together 130 people from the IT sector, as well as delegates from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and GTech students and recentgraduates. GTech and the ministry have specifically partnered on GTech Yerevan to help give greater professional opportunities to Artsakh war veterans, many of whom are now coping with disabilities.

"IT can provide them with a global opportunity to work remotely from anywhere," said Labor and Social Affairs Minister Narek Mkrtchyan. "We are happy to have GTech in Yerevan."

GTech Yerevan opened its doors just in time for the fall semester.

“GTech in Yerevan will differ not only in its programs but will also create a unique bridge between its students and particular companies. In the future, all of our educational programs and courses at GTech Yerevan will be based exclusively on the technological and human resource needs of our partnercompanies,” Amalya said in her opening speech.


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