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Gyumri Holds First Art Exhibition at New City Hall; Artist Wins Gold Medal.

December 15 was another memorable day in the cultural life of Gyumri, a city of art and unique architecture. Recently, the city’s newly renovated and grandiose City Hall held an exhibition of the work of Levon Lachikyan, famous artist and art critic, writer, scientific researcher and FAR’s press secretary.

The exhibition called “Gyumri: My Love” was sponsored by Gyumri’s Mayor Vardan Ghukasyan, who was the first one in the new building to present Levon’s drawings on Gyumri’s architecture and landscape, in addition to his work depicting other Armenian communities.

The works differ by their fine taste. Each holds the essence of an artist who was able to capture the masterpiece of Armenian architecture. Levon’s artistic soul and deep love for his hometown made the collection especially unique and heart touching. His 30 years of experience in the field of art was also evident in his work. The entire audience was unanimous: the works represent not only the buildings but also the soul of the people who made them — the people of Gyumri.

All the speakers, who included Mayor Ghukasyan, the head of the Department of Culture Artashes Karapetyan, head of the Aesthetic Center Susanna Mkrtchyan, and the head of the Gyumri Padagogical University’s Art Department Laura Atanesyan, said they highly appreciated the work and Levon’s unconditional love for Gyumri.

The Armenian government also greatly appreciates Levon’s activities during the past 30 years. As a result, he was granted one of the highest medals of honor in the country: the Gold Medal of Culture. Gyumri also presented Levon with a Letter of Honor.

FAR sincerely congratulates Levon Lachikyan for the great achievement!

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