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Happy Easter from Artsakh displaced Denis & Angelina

As Denis, 4, and his sister Angelina, 14, dive into Easter preparations, they go back to their cherished memories of home in Artsakh. In their kitchen, they reflect on the aromatic pilaf with rice, dried fruits and raisins, the artful egg decorating, and the delightful aroma of freshly baked jengyalov hats that used to fill the air during Easter time. 

Despite the upheaval that led them to settle in Byurakan in September 2023, their Easter traditions remain steadfast. Amidst the challenges and losses of the past year, Denis and Angelina cling to hope, finding solace in the familiar rituals that bind them to their roots.

Both Denis and Angelina have experienced devastating loss and great struggle over the course of the last year, but they are full of hope now, because they are not alone. We at FAR will always be there to make sure that Denis and Angelina will continue to smile this Easter and beyond.

Hope and action can eclipse fear and sorrow. Watch the magic as Denis and Angelina carry on their cherished Easter traditions and join us in spreading love and care for our Artsakhtsi children, sisters, and brothers. 

We wish you a most blessed Easter.—From all of us at FAR 


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