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How Artsakh’s War Has Changed Healthcare

The scale of the recent war in Artsakh has taken a great toll on Armenia and Artsakh's healthcare systems. The sheer intensity and gravity of this conflict was something for which most nations would have been unprepared.

Roughly 10,000 soldiers and civilians, including some doctors and healthcare workers, were wounded in the recent violence. Armenia’s healthcare teams worked their hardest, using all of their resources, to respond.

Though fighting has ceased, the conflict has made an indelible impact on Armenia’s healthcare system, and can be considered a call to action to recover, repair and restaff the system, strengthening it throughout.

Watch the video above to hear FAR’s Healthcare Program Director Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan talk more about the war in Artsakh, how it’s changing the face of healthcare in Armenia, and what needs to be done moving ahead.


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