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In Memoriam: Nazar Nazarian

Today, it is with a sense of unity that FAR stands with the entire Armenian nation to both mourn and celebrate the extraordinary life of a distinguished member of the Armenian Diaspora: Nazar Nazarian, a dedicated Armenian and a compassionate humanist.

Fund for Armenian Relief has had the privilege of collaborating with the Nazarian Family and bearing direct witness to the unparalleled dedication demonstrated by Nazar Nazarian. From his commitment to bettering the lives of the less privileged in our ancestral homeland, to his steadfast bolstering of the healthcare professionals in Artsakh, his impact reverberates across every corner of our nation.

Today, we pledge to continue building on the multiple initiatives that FAR has been able to implement thanks to the visionary generosity of the Nazarian Family.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the members of the Nazarian family as they navigate the profound loss of their venerable patriarch: a beloved father, a revered grandfather, and a cherished great-grandfather.

May his soul find eternal serenity.


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