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Legendary Rock Guitarist Tony Iommi and Deep Purple Vocalist Ian Gillan Still Devoted to Gyumri's Oc

“Several weeks ago, me and Gillan met and recorded some tracks to fundraise for the music school in Armenia. We raised money for Armenia 20 years ago, and now want to repeat the experience. We visited Armenia a few months ago and the president awarded us with honors. We were shown the music school, which had no heat and where the students barely had any instruments. We presented the children with some guitars and some drums. We want to rebuild the school for these children.

We are going to jointly record some songs, which will hopefully raise money for reconstruction. Currently, our projects are in progress. We also plan to have some live performances, which have yet to be announced. And very soon, I hope to start my tour with 'Heaven and Hell,'" Iommi said during an interview with "Metal Hammer Magazine", as reported Madiamax News Agency.

Iommi and Gillan visited Armenia in early October 2009 as part of the project “Armenia Grateful 2 Rock,” organized by Mediamax.

On March 26 and 27, 2010, Gillan held benevolent solo concerts with State Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia in Yerevan. All proceeds, totaling more than 18 million AMD, will be directed at rebuilding of N6.


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