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Meeting with Autumn Colors.

Each year, FAR partners with the Armenian Artists’ Union to organize an excursion to a serene and scenic spot outside Yerevan with the hope that these selected painters have the chance to absorb a new environment and gain inspiration for their work. FAR provides the coverage for travel, food and art supplies needed for the trip. This fall’s group recently spent a day at Karbi Gorge in Aragatsotn region.

The richness of the Armenian fall was at its peak, the sky clear, the sun warm. Together these eight painters passed the day capturing the scene and engaging in lively conversation anytime they put their brushes down. Despite the fact that they all live in Yerevan, they often don’t have an opportunity to form camaraderie; this trip makes it possible.

And as tradition goes, one of these artists will donate a painting to enrich the already impressive collection of work from these bi-annual trips.


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